Truth, Justice, & Adventure

Indiana Jones meets Beyond the Thunderdome

The next hall the party enters features a grating all over the ceiling, whith dozens of humanoid creatures on top of it, sticking their legs through the grating. All hell breaks lose when Varis moves forward. A giant boulder is released and starts tumbling in a circle around a towerlike structure in the middle, almost crushing him. Kobolds at the top of the structure try to glue the adventures to the ground with special glue shots (works twice, with Wulfgard and Varis subsequently knocked prone by the boulder.) The boulder gains momentum by the slaves at the ceiling moving it with their feet. They are being whipped into obedience by Kobolds. After some daring action (Irina climbing up the tower structure and Wulfgard displaying his favorite pasttime – smashing through doors with brute force) an enslaved halfling manages to break through the grating and jumps right on the boulder. After some tumbling she manages to reach the platform where the Kobold wyrmpriest has been hiding and engages him in close combat (Irina threw her a dagger.) Varis almost dies after being hit by an energy orb cast by the wyrmpriest but Irina manages to get him back to consciousness. The party is on the brink of failure when Varis casts a Beacon of Hope which gives everybody just enough energy to finish off the rest of the Kobolds.

The slaves manage to free themselves, killing their guards. Most humanoids quickly escape, but 4 humans approach the party and thank them. They tell their story of being enslaved and held captive here, but that all slaves were moved again after some days to an unknown location. They feared for the worst  – rumors of sacrifices for evil cults and more unsettling hearsay. Irina helps them out with 10gp so they can make it to Fallcrest before nightfall and get shelter.

They find a magic wand +1 and a small key among the wyrmpriests possessions, along with some gold.



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