Truth, Justice, & Adventure

The Ancient Tomb and the Skull-Skull game

Arrows up your ass

The heroes find a captured elf, the cleric Varis, in the dark back room. After his release they retire to a secure room in the above ruins to recover. Next morning Epistimology and Cassia stay behind because they are too weakened for battle.

The others venture back down again and enter an ancient tomb with mean arrow traps set off by walking on certain squares. Wulfgard gets hit three times in the ass. The Kobolds try to lure the heroes into those traps but get beaten up badly by the gang.

Going down further, the party enters an odd room where the Kobolds play a game called Skull Skull. Standing on two platforms, they try to hit skulls lying on the coffins in the middle, with a slimy rock hanging from the rope tied to the ceiling. When Irina enters, they choose her instead as a target, but miss. Wulfgard speeds forward to open the door between the platforms, but finds it locked. That makes him fall into a rage and he smashes the door open with brute force, only to find two guarding drakes (small reptilian beasts) hiding behind it, attacking him right away. Varis takes out a Kobold with his arrows, while Irina jumps up on the platform and casts magic missile against the Kobolds, followed by burning hands, which also hits one of the drakes.  Wulfgards hammers the drakes to plump with his maul, but he only survives because of Varis' healing skills. Together they fend them all off but can't prevent one of the Kobolds escape down the hall. Irina suggests to regroup.

Wulfgard spent an action point, and used his brute strike daily power.

Rule questions: Unlike we played it, it's no problem to walk through an ally's square. Also, the "close blast 5" from burning hands is not a blast surrounding the spellcaster, it's a 5×5 square in front of her. Running is not double the speed, but only +2 on the regular speed. Since you can replace a standard action with a move action, it's possible to run up to 12 + 4 squares for a character with speed 6. Also possible is a combination of running followed by a charge attack (6+2 for running in your move action, followed by 6 as part of the charge, then attack with +1 on the attack roll.) The game rewards the daring!



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