Truth, Justice, & Adventure

Where it all began

Where it all began

Irina the Eladrin wizard meditates in the woods, while human ranger Cassia approaches. They quickly become friends. Soon they hear a scream coming from the road. It's Wulfgard, a human barbarian, fighting off two goblins. Together they defeat the monsters.

Arriving in Fallcrest, they meet the dwarf arms smith Teldorthan Ironhews, who offers them 200 gp if they return a dragon hide from the Kobold Hall. When the adventurers are about to leave the road to follow a path that leads to the ruined mansion, they run into a fellow named Epistimology, a human rogue. Asked about Kobolds, he admits he knows nothing about them. His honesty deeply impresses Irina [TRUTH], and so he is invited to join them.

Dark stairs lead down into the dungeon. Wulfgard leads so the women can't get hurt. The 5 Kobolds hiding there are quickly defeated [JUSTICE], but not without drama [ADVENTURE]. Wulfgard leaps over the filthy pit taking out the Kobolds, and Irina casts the sleep spell and then feysteps behind the Kobolds in the hallway, killing them soon thereafter. Wulfgard, afraid of sorcery, moves into fetal position after witnessing the feystep. Cassia effectively fends off the kobols with her two sword attacks. Epistimology combines ranged and close attacks.

The hallway leads down, to more peril waiting…

Daily powers used: Brute Strike (Wulfgard), Sleep (Irina)


Can I borrow your battle Axe?

Where it all began

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